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Stories have a great blessing of giving power and abilities to people to make them understand our world, spreading hope and courage, give purpose to change and a voice for the ones that can’t speak. They have this magic when they make the everyday so incredible. They are a legacy.


Travel storytelling 21/10/2023

By Enorha Guimard

Hope for the gentle giants

“A wonder place for an ocean giant that come to play and rest in the shallow of the bay. They make their realm in this paradise. And I felt blessed everyday to be welcomed in their world”


Travel storytelling 08/02/2024

By Enorha Guimard

an ocean Apex queen

“You better not judge them! In a pod of orcas, family comes first. The matriarch is following her instinct, knowledge and wisdom for the sake of her family. Ruthless and resilient, she is the top predator of the ocean and ruling it like a queen.”


Travel storytelling 08/02/2024

By Enorha Guimard

In the eyes of their majesties

“Meeting the eyes of a wild animal is like a profund moment where two worlds briefly intersect. For me it evokes a sense of wonder, a recognition of the beauty and complexity of this animals”


Climate storytelling 23/12/2023 

Story by Enorha Guimard

For Climate illustrated

Illustrated by Stefanie Bendfeldt

My story “We are tied to the ocean”

My story about climate change for climate illustrated, a non-profit company that create awereness and engagement about climate change, and storytelling through workshops, talks, and communication.