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“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.”

John F. Kennedy

Living the dream, inspired by nature

I would say that everything started by the place I was born. I’m from Brittany where the ocean has a huge part in its identity: its songs, myth & legends, books, paintings, history, landscapes. I was just already lulled by anything that is related to the ocean. We say in Brittany that “we always had the ocean as our horizon“. Since I was 5 years old, I was longing for travel to discover more about the animals living underneath further away on this horizon.

As an animal lover, I started to travel in different part of the world working in different type of ecosystems for my studies in wildlife conservation. Working on whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea, lions and elephants in Africa and arctic wildlife in Canada, wildlife amazed me and gave me so many motivations to dedicate my life for conservation.

Because of my passion and admiration of whales and dolphins, it was evidence to me to choose the ocean area to specialize in marine mammals after my graduation in wildlife management and develop skills in bioacoustic, photo-identification, theodolite tracking, mapping, expeditions planning and supervising.

I have become an ACCOBAMS Highly Qualified Marine Mammals Observer & Passive Acoustic Monitor since 2019 and a JNCC certified Marine Mammals Observer since 2021. From these experiences, I have started to participate to seismic surveying with research institutes (Ifremer) and the industry in different places in the world in order to protect species of concern impacted by man-made noise.

However I soon realised that knowing and learning from these animals is good but sharing and communicating science about them is better ! Being almost everyday at sea as a wildlife guide to know more about whales and dolphins and educate people about the beauty of wildlife and the important of protecting the ocean is more that I could imagine to have in my dream work. I started my journey with whales as a guide in Iceland and now I’m currently working in the land down under, Australia. I’m also organising citizen science programs in France and Madagascar to educate children and young adults about marine wildlife and I’m part of the team of Ocean Mission based in Husavik, Iceland to inspire people to protect the ocean.

Combine with it, I also started to be a photographer and a graphic designer to inspire actions that protects wildlife and our planet. I strongly believe that moments to see and admire wildlife is an opportunity to feel the connection we have with them and to inspire us to do better for nature, wildlife and also ourselves. 

Outside of my work, you will always find me creating something, watercolour painting, practicing yoga or outdoors hiking and photographing wildlife.

My CV, marine & safety certifications are available upon request