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Enorha Guimard


Wildlife Scientist, Marine Biologist, Marine Mammals Observer & Passive Acoustic Monitor (MMO/PAM), Environmental advisor, Scientific Educator, Wildlife Guide, Storyteller, Photographer & Graphic designer

wildlife scientist

Marine biologist, wildlife guide, photographer, bioacoustician and environmental educator. I have been dedicated to wildlife conservation since 2017, contributing to insitute in Zambia for the recue of big cats and elephants, in Turkey for dolphins and whales conservation, in Canada studying arctic birds and as an ocean ambassador and scientist with a non-profit organisation Ocean Missions in Iceland. I started to be a wildlife guide since 2022 and I organise citizen science trips to dive in the world of marine megafauna.


I feel most at home in the wild and the ocean. With just my camera, my bare feet on the ground, my passion and love, I use photograpy and storytelling as powerful tools to show the beauty of the world I see through my eyes. I hope to inspire people to fight for change, to value and protect wildlife, to spread memories and leave a piece of my legacy trough my stories and photographies.

Citizen science trips

Join me to experience once in a lifetime citizen science trips in the Indian Ocean to study and monitor humpback whales population and other marine megafauna in the beautiful tropical place of Madagascar.

Follow my adventures over on Instagram @enorha_wildlifephotography