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Enorha Guimard
Wildlife Scientist

Wildlife Scientist, Marine Biologist, Marine Mammals Observer & Passive Acoustic Monitor (MMO/PAM), Scientific Educator, Wildlife Guide

Hi there, I’m Enorha

I’m a freelance wildlife scientist, MMO/PAM operator, naturalist guide and a scientific educator. During my study and career, I have travelled in different countries in the world to work on wildlife conservation and found myself fascinating by these giant creatures living in the oceans and seas.
It’s saying that we always protect what we love. It’s by my love for the nature, the ocean and the wildlife that I’m today participating in different conservation projects, helping NGO, associations, research institutes with my experience and skills in wildlife science and marine biology.
If you are in need of:


Impact studies and support for associations, research centres, marine protected areas for the development for protocols of campaigns at sea

MMO/PAM on board for scientific and industrial offshore surveys

Project engineering

Assistance in wildlife conservation and study projects for associations, research organisations, NGO

Assistance in design and plan of expeditions at sea

science communication

Outreach and communication with schools, associations, NGO

Creation of graphic design for science communication (branding, posters, infograhics)

Naturalist talks and guidance for tourists and local alike

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beauty of wildlife

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