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Enorha Guimard

Wildlife Scientist

Wildlife Scientist, Marine Biologist, Marine Mammals Observer & Passive Acoustic Monitor (MMO/PAM), Environmental advisor, Scientific Educator, Wildlife Guide, Storyteller, Photographer & Graphic designer

Hi there, I’m Enorha and I’m a French wildlife scientist, wildlife guide & photographer, bioacoustician and a graphic designer currently travelling around Australia. I love travelling around the world to discover and work with the gentle giants of the ocean through science communication and research. I organise citizen science trips with OSI-Cetis to inspire and educate people about marine biology with marine megafauna.
I believe that with my knowledge combine with photography and design I hope to inspire the young generations to care for wildlife and to protect the beautiful places that we are lucky to have in our blue planet.

I have found a deep fascination and appreciation for the wildlife beneath and above the surface. Photograpy has been one of my powerful tool to show the beauty of the world I see through my eyes. I can’t imagine a most beautiful planet than ours. 

Follow my adventures over on Instagram

I stay most of the time up to date on @enorha_wildlifephotography with all my travels, adventures, stories and work that I’m doing with wildlife. If you have any questions about what I’m doing for wildlife conservation or about my photography, pop over and send me a message or simply follow me along.

beauty of wildlife

Come to experience once in a lifetime citizen science trips and expeditions with one of the NGO I have the pleasure to work with: