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Enorha Guimard

Wildlife Scientist

Wildlife Scientist, Marine Biologist, Marine Mammals Observer & Passive Acoustic Monitor (MMO/PAM), Scientific Educator, Wildlife Guide & Photographer

Hi there, I’m Enorha and I’m a french wildlife scientist, wildlife guide & photographer, bioacoustician and a graphic designer currently travelling around Australia. I love travelling around the world to discover and work with the gentle giants of the ocean through science communication and research.
Being at sea everyday close to this animals is the best way to me to understand them better 
I believe that with my knowledge combine with photography and design I hope to inspire the young generations to care for wildlife and to protect the beautiful places that we are lucky to have in our blue planet.
humpback eye


Impact studies and support for association, research centres,  MMO/PAM on board for scientific and industrial offshore surveys

Project engineering

Assistance in wildlife conservation, supervision expedition and citizen science project at sea

Science communication

Outreach and science education with schools, NGO; creation of graphic design (branding, posters, infographics); Wildlife guiding at sea

My skills developped on the way…

beauty of wildlife