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Education as a whale watching guide at the edge of the Arctic: Iceland

One of my first time in Iceland I worked for Elding Adventure at Sea in Reykjavik where I was a wildlife guide, deckhand and northern lights guide on boats. I loved bringing people on board and talking about the ocean, its wildlife and their conservation. This is certainly a work I want to do again!

Since then, I have this dream to keep going up north in the wild Arctic to educate people about this fragile part of our planet. 

Marine Science education with Objectif Science International (OSI)

I am working as a scientific educator since May 2022 with the participative science NGO Objectif Science International.

Part of the program OSI-CETIS, I’m educating children and adults about oceans and marine science with real research projects. Currently, we contribute to several marine megafauna monitoring programs by developing partnerships along the East Atlantic arc to allow an extended vision (spatial point of view) of climate change effects and migration.


This community day was a great occasion to introduce DMAD and its research to the local community in the city of Bar in Montenegro. I presented research and methods for photo-identification and cataloguing with the software Discovery.

Ecology salon

The Ecology salon is the only annual event of the professional ecological sector in France. For 11 years, it has brought together and made known all the actors in the field.

This event is organised by the students of the 2nd year of the Masters degree “Ecology Engineering and Biodiversity Management”. In the year of 2019, I had this opportunity to organise the salon during my master with the topic “Rebuilding Wildlife in Europe”. Students are divided into teams, placing me in the team of Ecoresponsability where I was responsible for Science Communication. I participated in communicating nature and wildlife to children in schools in Montpellier.

Conference, interviews

An interview with WiseOceans

icymares conference